Bihar Police is the best With DGP Neelmani….by Rahul Kumar Singh,Political Writer

ADG, Abhyanand

ADG, Abhyanand

 by Rahul Kumar Singh, Political Writer

                                                             This blog is dedicated to the few Honest, Committed, Courageous, Patriotic Unsung Police Men and Politicians whose presence allows up to sleep at night in peace and walk on roads like free men.

Where should I start? In few years ago Bihar Police has the distinction of being one of the most corrupt and inefficient police in the country. Once observed that the Bihar Police force was an organized gang of criminals. Anyone who has stayed in Bihar will acknowledge that Police stands for horror, mistrust, cheating, bribery and all related synonyms in the villages and towns of Bihar. This corrupt and in-efficient department is the way it is because of the Political Willpower that exists in Up to make use of the Department of Home like a pack of “Hunting Dogs” to realize the criminal intents of the Politicians. In Bihar criminal is a politician – a politician is a criminal and Police serves their needs. And God fearing policeman who wishes to discharge his duty perceives greater threat from within the organization than from the criminals outside. Such is the state of affairs.

                                                    Patliputra police has been gifted a new hi-tech police station. Constructed at a cost of Rs 90 lakh, Patna SSP BS Mena formally inaugurated it. It will house between 8-10 officer-rank personnel and 20-30 constables. There is a separate wing for women officials which has been created to look into the complaints of women only, said ADG, Bihar State Police Building Construction Corporation, A K Gupta, adding the USP of the station would be its people-friendly nature.

Complainants will get conducive space and environment,” he added while talking to TOI. To facilitate modern investigation, separate IT and communication rooms have been provided for. An inspection room for the visiting officers has also been added.

Hygienic toilets, mess and resting places or barracks will be a great respite for policemen spending a good part of their time at the police station. A separate barrack for women has also been provided. In an effort to restore the impression of Bihar police that commonly brings to mind the portrait of a pot bellied, slack, floppy, overweight, baton spinning, gun slinging man in uniform, the state government has created a ‘dress committee’ to look into the likelihood of a new uniform that would give a diverse, ‘sharp’ image of the law enforcement bureaucrats in Bihar according to sources in the Bihar police division. Not to mention the negative publicity that it has received recently. My perception says that Bihar is changing and so does the people living in Bihar with CM Nitish Kumar. Police forces are government organizations charged with the responsibility of preserving law and order and safeguarding the life and interests of the general public from harm. Police officers are the watchdogs that keep a check on the crime rate and discourage various forms of criminal activities

Md Saheb Akhetar,IG of Police Home Guard , Bihar

The shift is the effect of recent derogatory comments made by the current Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar who had commented that the sub-inspectors and Havaldars, in their old-fashioned uniform give the impression of being more like clowns and gave a bad light to the whole Bihar police force.

According to IG of Police Home Guard Md.Saheb Akhetar, DGP Neelmani is a nice and the best Police Officer of India, he determined to ameliorate the mental as well as physical conditions of the police personnel’s of Bihar.There is no doubt that DGP Nilmani has eliminated the fear of goons and muscle power politicians. Now, we have confidence and hope that there will not be injustice with common people. Earlier not only so called politicians used to exploit common people but also police and babuls used to do that.
A 1977 batched IPS Abhyanand is the backbone of Bihar’s Police and a terror for the criminals. When I met this person I observed he had a unique kind of calmness apart from the great burden of Bihar Police as well as Bihar people on his face. He is friendly for the friends and a nightmare for the criminals.He’s the chief body of Bihar’s Police Force and is responsible for the maintenance of law & order in the state. While the seedlings of development were growing in the minds of Bihar government, he participated in this revolutionary movement with our current CM and made several changes for us. He acquainted us with the concept of “Speedy Trial” and helped in strengthening the police department. Apart from this, he is also responsible for fulfilling the dreams of over 800 students for their entrance in IIT which I think is remarkable. He is very optimistic and always thinks about the welfare of our state. Abhyanand’s work is impeccable and his work is highly appreciated. The growth can be seen in Bihar as everything is changing for good around us. His aim is to make a safe & secure Bihar and free of criminality; his dream is to see all the homes and buildings free of locks, where there is trust and truthfulness in the ambience.

The freshly formulated committee will also be judged as improvement in other parts of the entire police uniform including shoes, belts, and badge. Police officers are mainly responsible for sustaining law and order, providing services to the public to guarantee their safety, and protecting of their property. It is a very demanding job, and the satisfaction obtained from knowing that they can protect and safeguard public lives and property is immense. I Salute the Brave officers who battled the automatic weapons (even AK 47s), who battled Political Immunity that was being offered to criminals, who risked their lives and the consequences when the State Government changes, who stood up and made me – then a young child – very proud! I would like to mention four names for the best police officers of Bihar, DGP Bihar Neelmani,ADG Abhyanand and IG of Police Home Guard Bihar MD. Saheb Akhetar,Senior SP Darbhanga Sri Vikas Baibhav.


Rahul Kumar Singh with Md Saheb Akhetar, IG of Police Home Guard Bihar

Rahul Kumar Singh with Md Saheb Akhetar, IG of Police Home Guard Bihar

Rahul Kumar Singh, POLITICAL WRITER, Sobhi Dumra, Ara, Bihar, India 



About rahul123singhway

I am a Political Writer.My native place is Sobhi Dumra,District Ara Bhojpur,Bihar.I am inspired from the life and thought of Swami Vivekananda.Bihar is growing with respect of Politics,Health,Pollution Control,Roads,Administration etc.Particularly I appreciate CM Sri Nitish Kumar good governance in Bihar.I also urge to the Youth of Bihar to come forward in the interest of developmental affairs of the Bihar State.
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8 Responses to Bihar Police is the best With DGP Neelmani….by Rahul Kumar Singh,Political Writer

  1. Kanchan Sharma says:

    I think the bihar police force is really working well and has improved since, it has come into the hands of our CM Nitish Kumar; the credit also goes to few great personalities which i would like to mention as Director Genearl of Police Bihar Nilmani, Assistant Director General of Police Abhyanand and IG of Police Home Guard Bihar MD. Saheb Akhetar.

  2. ravish singh says:


    I am really happy to read this as everybody were chatting on corrupt police of,It’s really a heart worming site to read splendid things about our Bihar & it’s police force.During childhood we were in so fear that no body were going outside after twilight but the change in politics brought change in everything.

    Be always like that!!!

  3. Kirti Singh Yadav says:

    Abhayanand is great Son of Bihar,Indian mother want such son for the great soil.Abhayand(IPS) is a man of enlightenment without politics in Bihar.Being a softwere engineer I SALUTE the great one.Bihar shoud thankful for this.I also thanks to Mr Rahul Kumar Singh being a political writer he arised a good topic for the intectuals of the world……………Rahulji I also salute your sentiments towards Bihar…..keep it up !!

    Kirti Singh Yadav

  4. Rajkumar Singh says:

    A police enters a certain area, they can make up a story about anyone, and if not payed then they are beaten and taken to jail. the police system needs to be re examined. I wonder when this will change how it will change. Bihar is doing well in this respect but still there is a hope for amendments in Bihar Police .So,there is a need of dedicated and honest police officers in Bihar like Abhyanand.Being an IPS his work is remarkable for every Indian.Abhyanand deserves for the post of DG in Bihar.His mind is working for Bihar,he is for Bihar and his heart will think about Bihar till his last breathing.I also thankfull to the Political Writer Mr Rahul Kumar Singh for his best efforts regarding the Bihar Police Force.

    Rajkumar Singh,Pakri Ara

  5. Anupma Bharti says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is correct that Bihar Police has changed the Bihar to some extent within a short period, there is no doubt in it, but still long way to go. Bihar Police has to think to manage govt. servant for real development without whom development will not be able to go to village. Yes! for this heart of people have to be changed. People have to be learnt sacrifice first. They have to leave greediness. Then only Bihar will progress in true sense.
    What i think is that, there is a need of a strict law to be implemented,which makes criminals to think 1000 times before they do something wrong. If they do anything insane they should be treated equally & same. The government will have to take some very serious and strict steps to check the rise of these budding criminals. Sir,thing is that now a days ,crime is becoming passion for the youngsters which is very alarming situation.This should be taken as a major concern.
    SIR,I wish & hope that Bihar Police will take some serious steps to make our state free from crime and corruption. This is a plesent movements to read the Article of Sri Rahul Kumar Singh(Political Writer) about the SPEEDY TRYAL,concept given by Sri Abhyanandji(ADG Bihar).I want to give thanks to Respected Sri Nitish Kumar and his government for accepting the Speedy Tryal in Bihar, that is giving agood empact to removing the Crime and Criminals from Bihar,The image of Bihar Police is really constructed in verious means from last 20 years.Thanks and salute to all brave police officers of Bihar.

    Anupma Bharti,Graduate from IIT Kanpur

  6. Shubham Sinha says:

    Bihar police is really good and now a days it has become more active, strict and lawful. We are all proud of our defence system!

  7. Ankita says:

    Bihar Police is doing well no doubt,but still it has need of the Shadow of ADG Abhyanand.


  8. bipin kumar mishra says:

    Respected Rahul ji,

    Kya aapko malum hai bihar ke kuchh district mein police wale illigle man/ criminals ke against kuchh kam nahi karte hai?muzaffapur district mein baruraj thana hai. uss thane mein jataulia village hai. wo village arms/desi daroo/apharan ka adda ban gaya hai? ramu mishra s/0-umesh mishra/manish singh s/o- rama singh & some other aaye din illigle rifle se fire karte hai,logo ko dhamkatein hai,dakaiti dalte hai,apharan kar rahe hai.local police koi karrwai nahi karti hai,mafia sir pe chad gaya hai common people ke. mere pass aapse/Neelmani ji se 1 question hai:- kya aise hi sushasan chalta hai aur chalta rahega?

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